How do I record and edit 360° videos using the Insta360 cameras?

Here are some steps to help you record 360° videos using your Insta360 camera and export the VODs.

Step 1: Download the Insta360 App

The first step is to download the "Insta360 - for ONE R, ONE X2, ONE X" app from your respective app store.  You can download the Apple version here and the Google Play version here

Step 2: Insert a microSD card into your Insta360 camera

Insert a microSD card into your Insta360 camera.  For more compatible microSD card information, please click here

If you purchased the turn-key Avatour kit, you should have received an Insta360 ONE X camera.  The location to insert the microSD card is at the bottom of the camera, next to where you would screw the camera onto the Insta360 ONE X mount. See below for said location: Inked20210201_131332_LI

Step 3:  Connect the Insta360 app to your camera

Before connecting your Insta360 app to your 360° camera, enable (i) WiFi, (ii) GPS,  (iii) Bluetooth.

To connect the Insta360 app on your cellphone to your camera, click on the yellow camera icon at the bottom of the screen as seen below: InkedScreenshot_20210201-144524_Insta360_LI

Then select what type of Insta360 camera you have and click yellow "Connect Now" button.  Again, if you purchased the turn-key Avatour kit, you should have received an Insta360 ONE X camera as indicated by the screenshot: Screenshot_20210201-144538_Insta360

The same basic procedure applies for the One R or One X2 cameras, although the screen images on the app will be slightly different.

Once you've connected to the camera, next you need to make sure that your settings are correct. For 360 recordings, this would need to be set to Video mode at 5.7k 30 as shown in the top right corner in the images below. 


Once you have verified that your settings match the above image you are now ready to record your 360° video!

Step 4: Edit and Export your 360° video

After you are done recording your video, you can edit and then export your 360° video.  

Mobile App:

The following is a very informative Youtube video from Think Media that will teach you how to make some edits to your recording via the mobile application.

To export your video, do the following:


1) At the top of the screen, press the button as circled in red to the right.





2) Press 360 video button to export as a 360° video.  







3) Select your export vector.  Most likely it would be either download or link share (the grey buttons).




Downloading will take a while.



4) Allow your video to export.  We recommend selecting the "Remove Grain" button to remove the graininess from your videos.  This can take a while depending on how large your exported video is.







To edit and share directly from your PC, first download and install the Insta360 Studio software

Once installed, connect the Insta camera to an available USB port and launch the application.


1) Press the down facing arrow on the left side to import footage from folders and connected devices



insta 360 app




2) After importing, the footage is able to be edited via the application’s tools. A tutorial highlighting the software's features and options can be found here.






3) Once the necessary edits have been made the the footage can be saved by selecting “Export” on the right upper side of the application and configuring the desired output settings.

(We recommend setting the output resolution to 5120x2560 or 4096x2048 and the output bitrate to 50 Mbps to keep the file size manageable.)



Step 5: Uploading to Host Dashboard

When you finally have your video file, you'll need to upload it to your Avatour cloud account in order to share it in an Avatour session. Transfer the file to your PC or laptop, and follow the instructions in this knowledge base article to upload and configure your file.