Is my Insta360 camera iOS compatible?

Only some Insta360 devices support wired USB connection to iOS devices, which is required for real-time 360° capture with Avatour. Here's how to find out if your Insta360 camera is compatible or not.

A wired connection to an Insta360 camera is currently required for Avatour's real-time 360° capture capability. For iOS devices, this requires both a custom Lightning cable and support for an iOS USB connection in the camera's firmware.

Only certain models of Insta360 cameras support iOS USB connections. Information on this has been difficult to obtain, as Insta360 does not provide any it in their specifications for various devices. In some cases, the capability was available on early shipping devices and then was deprecated later.

The compatible cameras include:

  • All Insta360 One X and One X Enterprise Edition cameras
  • Insta360 One X2 cameras sold as part of the "Apple Bundle" at an Apple Store
  • Insta360 One R cameras sold as part of the "Apple Bundle" at an Apple Store
  • Some early-production Insta360 One R cameras sold direct or via other vendors

Caution: As of September, 2022, we are aware of three recently-shipped One X devices which show iOS USB mode (as described below) but do not connect successfully to iOS devices using a cable. We have escalated this issue to Insta360 and are awaiting their response.

Caution: As of September, 2022, some Apple stores carry a One X2 "standalone" product (not part of an "Apple Bundle"). Users report that this version does NOT support iOS USB connections.

Caution: As of September 2022, some Apple stores carry a "One RS Apple Bundle." We do not yet have reliable reports as to whether these devices support iOS USB connections.

To check to see if your X2 or R camera has iOS compatibility, follow this procedure:

  • Swipe down from top of screen to pull up settings menu
  • Swipe left to the "gear" icon for settings
  • Choose the "USB Mode" setting
  • If you see an option for "iOS" then you are Apple compatible. If you only see
    "Android," "Webcam," and "Desktop" then you are NOT Apple compatible.