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Operator Training Guide for Pilot One

The following guide provides an overview of the topics reviewed during an Avatour Operator Training call

Capture Kit Setup and Assembly

The guide below walkthroughs assembly and initial setup steps for your 360 camera and mount during unboxing.

Bluetooth audio options and pairing

The following tutorial walks through Bluetooth options that are compatible for your Avatour setup and steps for pairing.


If issues with pairing via the steps above, please see our knowledge base article on troubleshooting/factory resetting your Bluetooth connection and reach out to support@avatour.live if still unable to resolve.


The following tutorial walkthroughs Avatour in-session features such as note-taking, capture modes, and Present options

Feature: Notes and Pinning Function

Feature: Present options

Option 1: Secondary Camera Feed


The first option under the Present menu is "Camera". Clicking this inside of a web browser maximizes that Guest user's web/mobile camera feed for all participants in the session. 

Option 2: Desktop Sharing


The second option under the Present menu is "Desktop". This mode is available when inside of an Avatour session on a desktop web client (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and allows users to choose between sharing their entire screen, a specific application window, or a dedicated tab

Option 3: Assets

session files

The third and last option in the Present menu is "Assets". This option allows for offline recordings, 2D and 360 images and videos, and saved captures to be played in an Avatour session.

A more comprehensive guide on these options can be found at this link.


Internet Connectivity

If using a hotspot provided by us, this connection should arrive paired and setup. However if not the case or if using a Wi-Fi/alternate connection, the following video will guide you through accessing your network.

We highly recommend running the Avatour Network Test prior to connecting to verify network compatibility as well as reviewing the networks requirements guide with your IT professional to ensure no firewall/access issues prior to running a session. Please contact us if any issues with this process or when planning to use Avatour in a new location.


Accessing the Avatour Host Dashboard and Creating Sessions

The following video walks through the desktop version of the Avatour Host Dashboard and how to create sessions/calendar invites.


Offline Recording and Asset Uploading

The following guide walksthrough how you can use your 360 camera to record content offline and upload it to Avatour assets library.

For a more comprehensive step by step guide, please see the knowledge base articles below on prerecorded sessions.

How do I share pre-recorded 360° video content in an Avatour session?

How do I record and share 360° videos using Labpano Pilot cameras?


Power Management Options

Your 360 device should be able to support up to 70 minutes of live video at full charge. For sessions that require a longer runtime we recommend the following methods for a longer battery life/duration.

If you run into any issues with anything shown above or require additional support, please reach out to us at support@avatour.live