What are the network requirements for Avatour?

Successfully hosting an Avatour session requires certain capabilities on your local network, including bandwidth availability and certain open ports.

Bandwidth Requirements

Avatour dynamically manages the uplink bandwidth used, subject to the settings in the Avatour Host app as well as real-time network conditions. 

We recommend a minimum of 6mbps uplink for the Host side, and the same downlink for the Guest side. With this bandwidth available, the default Host app setting of 4mbps can be reliably accommodated.

When more bandwidth is available, the Avatour Host app may be set to a higher target bitrate to enable higher quality, up to 10mbps.

If less than 6mbps uplink is available, set the target bitrate in the Avatour Host app to a value that is below your measured available bitrate. This will reduce or eliminate the need for the app to adjust its bitrate on the fly, avoiding interruptions in service.

Network Testtest

To verify network compatibility, we have created a free and easy to use online connectivity diagnostic tool designed to analyze your internet speeds and environment for Avatour session use. This tool can be assessed by going to avatour.testrtc.com and entering your email and reason followed by pressing the orange Start Button.


Port Requirements

Accessing an Avatour session from behind a hard firewall or enterprise network requires that you work with your IT/ network administrator to open the following ports in your OS or router’s firewall settings. These requirements apply to all client users, including VR and Web guests and camera operators using the Avatour mobile applications.



Hostname/ DNS¹

IP / Protocol


Avatour API




Knack API (legacy)




 Signaling Server


mediaserver-eu-01.avatour.live (EU)

mediaserver-asia-01.avatour.live (Asia)  (TCP)

443 (TCP)

10000-15000 (UDP)

10000-15000 (UDP)

Twilio TURN servers global.turn.twilio.com https://www.twilio.com/docs/stun-turn/regions

3478 (UDP/TCP)

443 (TCP/ fallback)

Edge Cloud Processor

repeater.avatour.live (Frankfurt) (London) (US West N. California) (US East W. Virginia) (US East Ohio) (Tokyo) (Osaka) (Singapore)

443 (TCP)

Name Server


5058 (UDP) or

443 (TCP / fallback)

Master Server


5055 (UDP) or

443 (TCP/ fallback)

Game Server


5056 (UDP) or

443 (TCP/ fallback)

Chat Server


443 (TCP)

Cloud Auth Service



443 (TCP)

Cloud Asset Storage



443 (TCP)

Cloud CDN Resource



443 (TCP)

1. Resolving the host names stated in this list requires the DNS query port 53/UDP to be open to a public name server or for a local name server to be available with request forwarding to a public source.