What are the network requirements for AVATOUR?

Successfully hosting an AVATOUR session requires certain capabilities on your local network, including bandwidth availability and certain open ports.

Bandwidth Requirements

AVATOUR dynamically manages the uplink bandwidth used, subject to the settings in the Avatour Host app as well as real-time network conditions. 

We recommend a minimum of 6mbps uplink for the Host side, and the same downlink for the Guest side. With this bandwidth available, the default Host app setting of 4mbps can be reliably accommodated.

When more bandwidth is available, the Avatour Host app may be set to a higher target bitrate to enable higher quality, up to 10mbps.

If less than 6mbps uplink is available, set the target bitrate in the Avatour Host app to a value that is below your measured available bitrate. This will reduce or eliminate the need for the app to adjust its bitrate on the fly, avoiding interruptions in service.

Port Requirements

Accessing an AVATOUR session as a guest from behind a hard firewall or enterprise network requires that you work with your IT/ network administrator to open the following ports in your OS or router’s firewall settings.

Port Protocol Server
19090 TCP / wss Master server
19091 TCP/ wss Game server
19093 TCP/ wss

Name server

4530 TCP

 Master Server

4531 TCP  Game Server
4533 TCP  Name Server
5055 UDP Master server
5056 UDP Game server
5058 UDP Name server
3457 UDP + TCP WebRTC TURN server

The AVATOUR host app accesses AVATOUR cloud via the same set of ports. Additionally, the host app requires the following firewall configuration for streaming.

Port Protocol Server
1935 TCP (RTMP) Stream ingest