How do I share pre-recorded 360° video content in an Avatour session?

The guide below details the steps for uploading pre-recorded 360° videos via the Avatour Host dashboard, and sharing it with other users in an Avatour session.

Step 1: Create a 360° Video File

Avatour can ingest and play back 360° videos from a wide variety of sources. The basic file requirements are as follows:

  • MP4 file container format
  • H265 or h.264 video compression format
  • Equirectangular projection (this is the industry-standard 360 format)
  • Maximum resolution: 5760x2880 (only 2D360 files are currently supported)
  • Maximum frame rate: 60fps

Don't know how to create a 360° video? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Here's instructions on recording and editing your 360° videos using your Insta360 camera or Pilot One camera.

 Step 2: Adding pre-recorded content to your Library

Once you've got a finished MP4 file on your computer, log into your Avatour Host account. Once logged into the Host dashboard, select the Library option on the left side panel followed by the orange “Upload File” icon which appears in the upper right corner. This will allow you to upload your pre-recorded MP4 file to your library, enabling it for adding to a session.

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Step 2:  Adding assets to a session

Navigate to the My Sessions tab, select the "New Session" icon and fill out with title, meeting time, and invited participants.

Next, select the blue “Add assets” option. The content added to your Library in Step 1 will be able to be selected for viewing within the session by checking the orange box.

add asset-2

Once finished select Save Session to secure these selections.

NOTE: Once your file is uploaded, it can take some time for the video to be processed, depending on capture resolution, bitrate, and duration. Figure about a 10:1 processing time; that is, if your video is 20 minutes long, expect about 1.5 hrs of processing before the asset will be available.

Step 3: Playing an asset during a session


To access an uploaded asset during a live session, select the "Present" button then click on Assets which will open the Session files menu and allow the selected files in the previous step to be available for playback

session files-1